smbmount corrupting files/directories

Andreas Hasenack unixach at
Mon Nov 8 22:12:12 GMT 1999

Em seg, 08 nov 1999, Jeremy Huber escreveu:
> Wierd things happening... Server: Samba 2.0.5a (default RH 6.1 version)
> Client: NT 4 SP4
> I do:
> smbmount //server/share mnt -U myname
> It asks me for a password.  I give it a password.  It fails.  When I
> tried again, it said that mnt no longer exists.  ls mnt gives me this
> now: 
> ls: mnt: Input/output error
> Suggestions? (on how to fix, AND how to keep it from happening again)

Even if the first smbmount fails, it still puts an entry into /etc/mtab. Check
it with
and no parameters. When this happens it "eats" the mount point and weird things
I suggest you do an smbumount /mnt (or umount /mnt if that doesn't work) and be
sure that mount shows nothing mounted there and then try again.
This is a bug, I just don't know where (samba, smbmount, smbfs, etc?)

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