Scott Dudley scottd at
Mon Nov 8 11:24:59 GMT 1999

I've been toying with the version of smbwrapper (smbsh) packaged with Debian
2.1.  Strangely, if I execute smbsh before starting X, I cannot run an xterm
(of any flavor).  The different GUI file managers that I've tested all show the
/smb shares beautifully.  If I go to a console window (another getty) and set
DISPLAY, I can invoke an xterm from there.  I noted a similar anomaly once
while playing with a preloaded module that uncompresses gzip'ed files
transparently.  I had the LD_PRELOAD set in my .profile.  If I telnet'ed into
this machine, various commands such as ps would seg fault.  From either a local
getty or xterm, all was fine.  Unload the shared library, and telnet was OK

Any thoughts on what might be causing this behavior?



Scott Dudley

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