oplock errors

Michael Ju. Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Fri Nov 5 17:51:47 GMT 1999

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> Michael Ju. Tokarev wrote:
> >
> > Samba has a bug (stilllll unconfirmed by samba team) on Solaris
> > (Or maybe Solaris has a bug). Do not use oplocks on Solaris
> > until this issue will be resolved.
> > (Maybe samba team need solaris machine?)
> We have several :-). Seriously, we are addressing some of
> these issues with 2.0.6 (we hope). What would help greatly
> is for people will this problem to download and test 2.0.6pre3
> and report back with any issues.
I'm ready now to produce detailed trace/log/capture files from 2.0.5a.
Only some questions -- is it useful with 2.0.6pre in mind?
And if so, what will be interesting -- what debug level, is it ok
to use snoop and is it ok to filter only port 138, does [sp]trace
traces also useful? I spent some time while found how to execute
all this tools together and not have very big traces.
At a time writing this I still unable to check how 2.0.6pre works
(but it already compiled), but traces from 2.0.5 can be made now
(here is 20:49 MSK), and I have weekends to test other version.
Same questions apply also to 2.0.6pre -- if I find same troubles,
what traces I should produce?
Sorry again, I'm very unfamiliar with smb protocols :)

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