Computer not in Networkneighbourhood List

Frank Hartung F.Hartung at
Fri Nov 5 08:57:41 GMT 1999


after switching from Linux 2.0.35 to 2.2.10 Kernel (and other 2.2
Versions) (Suse Linux Distribution and Samba 2.0.5a) the Computer
disappears from the networkneighbourhood list of the Windows NT
Workstations. The same configuration works fine on Linux 2.0 and Digital
Unix. Nothing has changed in the samba configuration. The logfile shows
that nmbd starts an election of the master browser and our Domain Server
wins this election. I set the interface parameter but nothing happens.
Is this a problem of samba or linux kernel 2.2?


Frank Hartung

Institut fuer Materialphysik der Universitaet Goettingen / GERMANY
E-Mail: F.Hartung at

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