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Thu Nov 4 08:57:32 GMT 1999

Dear Samba Team,

as I posted few weeks ago into the comp.procols.smb i started a project to
give samba snmp capability. The first step of this project was to connect
nmbd and cmu-snmp for linux. cmu-snmp is a set of libraries and programs for
snmp on linux. I hope the source i wrote can be integrated into nmbd and
later into smbd. I sent this files to the cmu-snmp for linux team and i hope
they will integrate the littel changes into the next release.

This extension is made out of the following parts:

nmbd_snmp.h  necessary definitions
nmbd_snmp.c  for the connection to cmu
      I used unix sockets for security reasons. Now the socket will be
opened in /tmp ( that's not really a secure place :) but it is possible to
set a directory whit the appropriate rights where only nmbd and cmu can
access. I don't know if there is a way to control the access on bsd sockets.

I made littel changes in nmbd.c and nmbd_packets.c but they are all enclosed
#ifdef CMU_SNMP

and CMU_SNMP for now is defined at the beginning of both files.

On the cmu side i added the following files

and changed the following files
asn1.h was split into ans1.h and asndef.h
snmp_impl.h was split into snmp_impl_def.h
This way the *def.h files contain the defines necessary for samba.

The *def.h files are included by nmbd_snmp.c so you must put -I into the
makefile or make a link to the files form source/nmbd

The nmbd_snmp.h on the other side is used by mib_samba.c

All the programming was made on the source of samba 2.0a on Suse linux

I really hope this extensions will be integrated in the next version of
nmbd. If so i will continue to work on it and will try to expand it to smbd.

P.S. I used a experimental oid ( the id of the snmp objects ) but I asked
the cmu team who can give me a official oid.

Andreas Moroder

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