Guidelines for releasing Samba PDC support

Michael Glauche mg at
Thu Nov 4 00:52:39 GMT 1999

"Gerald W. Carter" wrote:
> Hey everyone!
> ..I know Jeremy is probably moaning when he readds
> the subject line about now... :-)  Maybe it will at
> least grab some attention though.
> After answering the same question many times ("Is
> there an estimated ship date for Samba 2.1?"), I decided
> to bring this up for some discussion.
> Here's what I'm thinking...
>         The PDC support will not be released as
>         "official" until it is completed.  The problem
>         is that we don't have a definition if what
>         'completed' really infers.


> OK.  So what goals must be met before releasing this stuff
> in the main stream and supporting it....or does nobody
> really want to end up supporting NT domains. ;)
> Here are some possible goals...
>   * merging of 2.1 into 2.0 (JF is working on (has complted?)
>     this
>   * rewrite portions of the RPC code.  If so, which ones?
>   * what about regression tests?  Do we have a list of
>     things that Samba must be able to do prior to being
>     called a PDC?  [note that everything is not a valid
>     answer here.  That's just not feasible the way NT
>     changes all the time and new things pop out]

Yeah .. what does rpcclient tell you on a nt server, and what on samba
pdc ..

>   * What about documentation?

A must .. see below.

    * Better Support for the Native NT user manager/domain manager
(I know .. I started something there, but no time to complete yet,
have to finish these two ugly Papers .. :()

- Is there some information about the "add computer to domain" feature ?
(setting / resetting machine account seems to confuse ppl)

Another thing is, that maintaining a PDC is not that easy (at least from
my experience), so I guess, there will be a whole lot questions about
non-Samba topics, regarding NT PDC behaviours.


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