Slow performance on large dirs.

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Tue Nov 2 00:04:51 GMT 1999

Michel Stoop wrote:
> > > I have put some code in trans2.c after line 773 and 1030
> > > to set finished to true if the found filename is an exact
> > > match to the given mask. This speeds things up but it is
> > > not a good fix. Altough I try to understand why NT first
> > > tries to determine if the file exists before opening it,
> The code is:
>       finished = !get_lanman2_dir_entry(conn,mask,dirtype,info_level,
>                    requires_resume_key,dont_descend,
>                    &p,pdata,space_remaining, &out_of_space,
>                    &last_name_off);
>     }
>     if ((!strcmp(mask, wcard)) && (!strchr(mask, '*'))) [added this one!]
>       finished = True;
>     if (finished && out_of_space)
>       finished = False;
> This extra code aborts the dirseek if mask contains an exact
> filename. This is because I think that there is no sense to
> continue searching if we were looking for a single filename.

Yep - this is definately a good idea.

> Now the delay is almost gone when I open the first file in
> the directory, but it gets slower when the file wich I open
> is further in the directory list. It has to parse more filenames...

I just added a change into the 2.0.6 codebase to implement
this. It should be in the pre3 snapshot Andrew will release
shortly, so I'd appreciate it if you'd test it.


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