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Tue May 25 12:41:20 GMT 1999

Dear Richard,

Do you suspect it is just the lcd back-light that has failed?


A customer of ours with an older IBM laptop recently had the same
problem after a plane flight.
I found that the pricing was potentially the same as you indicated
(about $2000) and with little funds to direct towards the screens
replacement I (sucker warning inserted here) said I'd " have a look". 
The back light was a very fine "fluoro" tube (approx 2-3mm dia) and was
now in two pieces.  I had a couple of old B&W laptop (not IBM) screens
and found that their back light fluoro tube worked fine plugged into the
power source on the IBM!  The replacement bulb I had was for a smaller
screen which gives slightly darkened corners but at least it worked and
has continued to do so for about 4 - 5 months now.
IBM and other laptop manufacturers, as you have probably already found
out, will not separate the LCD screens into smaller components.  I have
a couple of these bulbs still which you can have one if this will get
you going for the moment.  If you are not feeling up to open heart lcd
surgery then I'd be happy to do it for you at no charge.  *Proviso*:
just because this worked before doesn't mean it will work (or keep
working) this time.
Give me a call if you want,

Brandt Campbell
Sundial Computer Networks
Hobart Tasmania
03 6229 8775

PS I am looking forward to your course in Sydney during the sage-au

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