Current CVS code and Domain Logons.

Chip Spencer ma_spencer at
Tue May 25 13:34:03 GMT 1999

Hi, I am new to this list so please bear with me if this has appeared before ( I have scanned the archives for this problem). I am a SysAdmin for a K12 school district. We currently use RH 5.1 & Samba 2.0.3 in our production servers ( no NT servers, period). We have approx. 150 Win95/98 clients on each server. I currently have Domain logons activated and roving profiles enabled. For the summer we are making a transition to LDAP for authentication and mail services. I know that I can not utilize LDAP support in Samba unless I compile the CVS code. I have done this, It works reasonably well with one exception, I can not employ Domain Logons. I have removed thee CVS code and replaced it with 2.0.4b. My Domain Logon abilities have returned. Is there a way around this? Any idea when the LDAP code will be stable enough to put into the production releases?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Chip Spencer
Technology Coordinator
Madison Local School District
ma_spencer at
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