SMB Filesystem-level support in *Nix

Matthew Emmerton matt at
Fri May 21 13:09:31 GMT 1999

I've been using Samba to share stuff among various Windows clients, but
often have wanted to share the same files easily between my FreeBSD
servers.  Now, I *could* use smbclient, but It'd rather have the stuff
in a "real" UNIX filesystem, so that I can spread archives across my
systems and have the same type of access for them all.  Sure, I could
use NFS, but then I'd have to maintain NFS for my Unix users and SMB for
my Windows users.  I was wondering if any progress is being made into
making "native" filesystem-level support for Samba in Linux/FreeBSD.
(I'd just love it if I could issue a command resembling 'mount_smb
/dev/smb/matt/archive_pt1 /archive1'.)
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