OpenSource developer in need of a LapTop

R.Dominic.A.Baines rdab100 at
Thu May 20 10:28:49 GMT 1999


I can't help with a laptop, sorry :-)

But Check out comp.sys.laptops there are
often postings about
LCD screens and the like.


On Thu, 20 May 1999, Richard Sharpe wrote:

> Hi,
> My LapTop's LCD screen is giving up :-(
> It is two months out of warranty, and my IBM 380ED has decided that its LCD
> screen does not want to play ball.
> This LapTop is the focus of my Open Source activities (as well as other
> activities) and is used a lot for development when I am on the road. Many
> of my contributions to Ethereal and fixes to parts of Samba were developed
> in Quantas Club lounges, motels in Hobart, Hotels in Sydney and Melbourne,
> etc (that laptop has logged so many miles, it has its own Frequent Flyer
> number :-).
> I have spoken to IBM's Service people and they say that it could cost
> $2,000 to replace the LCD if that is the problem (or a lesser amount if the
> problem is elsewhere).
> So, what I am asking is:
> Is there some company or vendor out there who feels they have derived
> enough benefit from the open source projects that I work on that they can
> help me out with a new LapTop so I can continue my work?
> I have an extremely busy schedule until the end of August, and even finding
> the 5 days required to send the current LapTop away for repairs is going to
> be a significant problem (it currently has a monitor attached, but this is
> not a solution for when I am on the road :-).
> Of course, any assistance would be acknowledged on a couple of web sites ...
> Regards
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> Richard Sharpe, sharpe at, NS Computer Software and Services P/L,
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> Co-author, SAMS Teach Yourself Samba in 24 Hours
> Author, First Australian Linux Course

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