2.0.4 and MSoffice: possible problem with nt acls

Jeremy Allison jallison at cthulhu.engr.sgi.com
Wed May 19 17:11:10 GMT 1999

Andy Bakun wrote:
> I upgraded to 2.0.4 last night.  Today people are having trouble using MS
> Word.  People goto save files and they get a dialog saying that the save is
> unable to complete because of permissions.  I suspect this may be related
> to 'nt acl support' being yes by default in 2.0.4, so I've disabled that
> temporarily.
> Specificly, it appears that the word temp files (~xxxxNN.tmp) end up with
> NO PERMISSIONS at all -- that is ls reports all dashes in the permissions
> string.
> I am unable to reproduce this on my machine, but it's happened with at
> least 2 of my users, and in a share that doesn't have 'force create mode'
> settings.  I've had no reports of it happening in another extremely heavily
> used share that has create mode/mask settings.  I'll continue to
> investigate this.  Has anyone else noticed anything?

Yep. I'm on it.

What amazes me is that people at SGI have been running
with this code for a few week now and no-one has reported
any problems. They can't use Word much or they have the
force mask set...... Arghhhhh !

Even though it's an easy workaround I'll probably do a
2.0.4b once I've fixed this, as Word's a pretty important
app and I want it to work "out of the box".


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