configure, autoconf?

Bill Chin wchin at
Wed May 19 00:42:52 GMT 1999

I'm adding in support for Mach vm_inherit instead of sysv shared  
memory for smbtorture under Apple's MacOS X Server 1.1 (MOXS). I find  
myself needing to make a change in The autoconf that  
comes with MOXS is the old 2.12. I looked on GNU's ftp site and saw  
2.13 and grabbed that. I noticed that the configure pre-generated as  
part of 2.0.4a uses autoconf 2.14.1. Is this an official release of  
autoconf? Is there a problem using 2.13?

Also, I noticed that the socket-hack is not included in, thus running autoconf will remove that option. Is this  
supposed to be (for testing), or should it be added to


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