Win 9x and Encrypted Passwords

Frank Hartung frankh at
Tue May 18 08:20:13 GMT 1999


we are running some samba servers and as domain server the Advanced
Digital unix server 4.0 (similar features as NT 4.0 Server, but runs on
Digital Unix Alpha Workstation, does anyone knows something about this
server. Looks good to me, but is not for free). The samba 2.0.3 and
1.9.18p8 servers work in server security mode with enrypted passwords.
Our NT workstations work fine, but the older Win 3.1 and Win9x getting
in trouble with this setup. Win 3.1 cant establish a connection, Win9x
can sometime (depends on configuration, especially from local logon).
And what is the parameter to setup a share like service in user mode
security (for the windows 9x boxes that provide a wrong/none username).
user = %S doesnt work on the samba server 1.9.18p8.

Any commemts/suggestion? 


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