Samba performance with 2 NICs does not scale as expected

Zwika Moshkowzki ZM at
Sun May 16 11:57:20 GMT 1999

                    Please refer to the following configuration:
                    2 NICs on NT computer, 2 NICs on Samba server, 100BaseT network/
                    (AlphaServer 1200, Digital UNIX, compiler = gcc, Samba version = 2.0.3).

                    Copying 1(2) files, via SAMBA, yields 6.5(8.5) MBPS when 1(2) NICS participate.

                    For reference:
                    Copying 1(2) files, via FTP, yields 9.5(15) MBPS when 1(2) NICS participate.

                    Any ideas?


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