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Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu May 13 15:57:33 GMT 1999

> What I'm after is some sort of cache to reduce the number of these calls
> which actually need to go to the system. I might have time to write one in
> a couple of weeks time, however, I don't want to go around reinventing the
> wheel, so is this what is in smbd/dir.c ? 

Yes, it is.  It uses a simple double-linked list to cache directory 
entries.  Two things to note:

  1) It's a global cache.
  2) The cache size is set at 20.

It was a long time ago that I worked on that code and I don't know if
there was a reason for the low cache size or if it's been changed since or
if I made a mistake.  This is the first problem report that I'm aware 

> If so, it doesn't seem to be working, as I don't see the debug lines
> in the logfile (even at debug level=10, the lines should be printed
> at debug level 4).

You should see entries being added to the cache.  If not, then we'll need
to take a look at smbd/filename.c which owns the code that uses the cache.
With the cache size so low, you wouldn't see that many cache hits.  Let me 
> Any comments/suggestions?

You might try setting a higher value for DIRCACHESIZE, but that won't 
help if nothing is being added to the cache.  I'd like to see the logs.

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