readdir times

amobbs at amobbs at
Thu May 13 15:25:55 GMT 1999

I'm running samba in an environment where readdir(3) calls are very
expensive (it's on an MO library). This means Samba performance is quite
poor, it's spending forever stuck blocking on the getdirentries(2) system
call (BSD's version of getdents(2)).

What I'm after is some sort of cache to reduce the number of these calls
which actually need to go to the system. I might have time to write one in
a couple of weeks time, however, I don't want to go around reinventing the
wheel, so is this what is in smbd/dir.c ? If so, it doesn't seem to be
working, as I don't see the debug lines in the logfile (even at debug
level=10, the lines should be printed at debug level 4).

Any comments/suggestions?


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