Error: Long File Name

Sam Mbir-Bondzie smbirbondzie at
Wed May 12 16:54:50 GMT 1999


I am running  samba 1.9.18 on unix irix 6.5  server which serve as disk
space for my clients.
Most of my clients map to the samba shares from windows NT or win95.
This system has been running for some months.  I am now getting
complaints from two of my client that for the past three days when they
attempt to save their work on the share drive with filenames greather
than 8 letter or with underscore they receive an error message that the
filename is too long.  On the other hand if they disconnect the network
drive and re-map it they are able the save their work with the same
filenames ( greather than 8 letters or with underscore).  Is there a
solution to this strange problem?

Sam. Mbir-Bondzie
Sys. Admin.
AT & T

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