porting samba/CIFS server

Jeremy Allison jallison at cthulhu.engr.sgi.com
Wed May 12 16:42:34 GMT 1999

Zdenek Radouch wrote:
> I am looking for software engineers interested in developing a CIFS server
> for a commercial
> product (the CIFS server is just one of the components).  We are planning
> to buy/license
> an existing server code and port it to our platform.  The samba server is
> one of the candidates
> (mostly because I assume I can find people that will know the code and will
> want to work on it).


	Please bear in mind that you are not able to
license the Samba server code under any other terms
that the GPL license it is already under.

Please read the file COPYING that comes with a Samba
distribution for license terms.

In short, you cannot keep any of the Samba code
proprietary, and all of your customers must be able
to obtain the source code for all components of the
Samba piece of your software.

If this works for you then good luck with your efforts !


	Jeremy Allison,
	Samba Team.

Buying an operating system without source is like buying
a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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