porting samba/CIFS server

Zdenek Radouch zdenek at mediaone.net
Wed May 12 03:18:04 GMT 1999

I am looking for software engineers interested in developing a CIFS server
for a commercial
product (the CIFS server is just one of the components).  We are planning
to buy/license
an existing server code and port it to our platform.  The samba server is
one of the candidates
(mostly because I assume I can find people that will know the code and will
want to work on it).

This will be a non-trivial port, since the target platform is an RTOS on
proprietary hardware
specifically designed to deliver very high performance (i.e., far from the
standard Unix/POSIX box).
The port will also require modifications for high performance and
scalability, for example
separating the metadata and data processing in order to achieve "zero copy"

If you are interested and would like to get involved in the project in any
capacity (from a project leader
to an occasional consultant) on a full time or part time basis, please drop
me a line and I will get
in touch with you to discuss the details.

Thank you.
-Zdenek Radouch

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