Building a server & SMB network - RFC

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Tue May 11 20:21:17 GMT 1999

> At this point, the server will just be used for file&print, and possibly 
> internal SMTP email and maybe used as an Intranet web server.

All good.

> In the future they may want to connect the network to the Internet.

Take one of the older PCs -- even a 386 will do, but I use a 486/66 -- and
load OpenBSD on it.  Use the OpenBSD system to access the Internet, and as
a firewall, and as a NAT (network address translator).  You'll need two
interfaces:  One ethernet to connect to your LAN and another (modem, ISDN,
whatever) to connect to your ISPs service.  This will be much better than
putting the main fileserver onto the 'live' wire. 

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