[Fwd: smbwrapper Red Hat 6.0 compile]

Scott Dudley scottd at goodnet.com
Tue May 11 03:04:09 GMT 1999

This is my second attempt to solicit help compiling smbwrapper.  If this
is not the correct forum for issues related to samba development, please
advise.  I would desperately like to get smbwrapper going as its
functionality is commensurate with another project on which I've been

Many thanks.

Scott Dudley wrote:

> Trying to compile latest smbwrapper on Red Hat 6.0 from cvs.  Had to
> undef the following defines in include/config.h just to compile:
> #undef HAVE_STAT64
> #undef HAVE_READDIR64
> #undef HAVE_PREAD64
> #undef HAVE_PWRITE64
> I then run smbsh, attempt to access /smb, and get the following error:
> # ls -l /smb
> ls: /smb: No such file or directory
> Likewise, got a segfault when running a ps command:
> # ps ax
> Signal 11 caught by ps (procps version 2.0.2).
> Please send bug reports to <procps-bugs at redhat.com>
> Has anyone compiled on this platform yet?  My apologies for not having
> rolled up my sleeves but have been short on time.
> Many thanks.
> --
> Regards,
> Scott Dudley


Scott Dudley

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