Rename or Move

Alfred Landrum alfred at
Fri May 7 10:06:22 GMT 1999

I'm implementing the cifs fs for BeOS.  I'm wondering how to correctly
implement the file system rename call for Samba.

The filesystem is given an old directory and old name, and a new directory
and a new name.  The rename should perform the swap atomically or fail.
For MS boxes, this is easy because they implement the SMB_MOVE command.
Since samba doesn't, right now it seems like I need to :
	1) get attributes on the old name, since I need to know if its a file or a
	2) delete old name (SMB_DELETE or SMB_DELETE_DIRECTORY)
	3) use SMB_RENAME

So there's no way I can make this atomic for Samba servers.  Suggestions?
Am I looking at this wrong? Should I implement SMB_MOVE for Samba?


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