Is dfree command implemented?

Morgan Hughes kyhm at
Thu May 6 21:00:58 GMT 1999

  Forgive me if this is a repeat, but I'm new to this list and not sure if 
  the message made it the first time...

  I've run into a situation where I have to use the "dfree command" to 
  calculate meaningful disk space numbers.  It was pretty simple to hack 
  together a dfree program, but I couldn't get Samba to use it...  It parsed
  the option, but wouldn't actually use my program.  After reading the 2.0.3 
  source, it seems that the "dfree command" isn't ever actually used.

  I hacked some support in, and it seems to work.  Still, I have a nagging 
  suspicion that the support was removed for a good reason, and I'm hoping 
  someone here can tell me.  Is there a configure option or some such thing 
  I've missed?  Conversely, I'd be happy to post the patch if anybody wants 

  Thanks in advance...

   Morgan Hughes
   C programmer and highly caffeinated mammal
   kyhm at
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