One way to solve slow logins with NT-domains

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu May 6 18:12:06 GMT 1999

> So I wrote a simple cache wrapper around sambas getpwnam() and getpwuid()
> calls. The cache is built the first time when either of them is called and
> is kept around for 15 seconds, after which it will be rebuilt. 

Have to stick my nose in...

Great patch!  Thanks!

It's quite possible that the hash function is the right way to go, but I'd
like to re-use the cache code we already have. It should be almost as fast
as a hash (faster, if buckets are used), and will mean one less
re-implementation of the same functionality.

I know that this isn't a problem on horking-big Unix systems, but folks
porting to older platforms (eg., Amiga) are already having a great deal of
trouble with the size of Samba.

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