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Branko Cibej branko.cibej at hermes.si
Thu May 6 06:29:49 GMT 1999

Kevin Stefanik wrote:

> Right you are.  The comparison should be (f==NULL), and (!f) should be
> identical when f is a FILE*, right?


> I was getting error messages in the log that it couldn't open the
> username.map file when the comparison was (!f), but now I can't reproduce
> it.

The comparison is correct. If you got errors, that means there was something
wrong elsewhere; e.g., you put the wrong path to username.map in the config

>  I'm going to leave it set at (!f) for a while and see if I find more
> errors. It sounds far-fetched, but it may have been an interaction with the
> other error.

That's possible, of course.


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