Samba Load Testing at Brunel University

Peter Polkinghorne Peter.Polkinghorne at
Tue May 4 13:47:31 GMT 1999

> peter,
> your comments are extremely helpful.
> yes, we recommend between 600 and 800k per client (we did 2 years ago for
> up to 1.9.17, no info on whether this recommendation has changed or not).
> yes, 2.0.x should give your users a significant performance increase:
> numbers i remember off top-of-head are somewhere around 20% (anyone care
> to elaborate / point to NetBench tests?)
Thanks for the above info ...
> what happens on the home directory servers?  are those also samba?
The home directory servers are made available to all the Windows NT clients
via Samba - but there are just 1 admin, 2 staff and 3 student servers and
currently load is not such an issue and sizeing is more determined by
amount of disk space supported.

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