SWAT Authentication

Ken Stanley buddha at ih8dos.com
Tue May 4 03:42:13 GMT 1999

Hi, I am new to this list and I haven't been able to learn the local
but I have a really burning question that I hope someone would have the
insight to answer for me. At least point me to the correct FAQ would be

I just downloaded and installed the current version of Samba from CVS,
when I try to use SWAT to log in I always get an authentication error
that my
password was supplied wrong. I don't know much about programming
unfortunately so I am unable to look through the code for any kind of

I did try to revert to a lesser version using CVS, the 1.9.17 branch,
but when
looking through the directory structure I found that I am missing the
scripts and the Makefiles, plus many many other files that make it
for me to compile and install.

I would really like to use the SWAT feature, I liked the demo mode alot.
seems very clean and straight forward for someone like me who is easily
confused by all the comments in the standard smb.conf.

So any suggestions or pointers for this would be greatly appreciated,
to keep in mind that I am new at the Samba gig, but am like a dry
Ready to soak up all the knowledge thrown at me. :-)

-- Ken

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