Rsync not working between linux systems

ravik at ravik at
Mon Mar 29 05:49:25 GMT 1999


Need Help

  I have downloaded the rsync source from the and compiled 
on the linux ( 2.2) version. The rsync command works fine on the local system, 
but does not connect to another node on the same lan.

On the server node i run the server using  "$rsync --daemon" command, I can 
see the processes running , but the client system does not establish any 
connection to this server - client side I use the following command

	$rsync /home/john/access.c <hostname>::ftp/home/ftp

Please suggest if I am doing anything wrong.

The rsync server does create a user defined logfile in /tmp/rsync_log.log file

Thanx a lot in advance


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