(bug:) strange smbfs behaviour

Radovan Garabik garabik at melkor.dnp.fmph.uniba.sk
Sun Mar 28 13:31:47 GMT 1999

This can be a kernel issue, I posted this to linux-kernel mailing 
list too. (I am not on this list, so Cc: would be nice)

Smbfs acts really strangely when trying to mount share
exported from VMS server (I do not have much access to it, so
I do not have any details about samba version in question)

When I try to mount it to some directory, the directory virtually
dissapears - it cannot be stat-ed, neither cd-ed into, not even
umounted with smbumount (but I can umount it as root with normal umount)
There are no suspicious messages in syslog.
Other "normal" (winXX, linux samba) servers do behave normally.
There are no problems mounting that one VMS samba server
when using 2.0.36 kernel, everything works as expected.

I use smbmount version 2.0.3, mount 2.9[a-i], kernel 2.2.3 and 2.2.4
have  the same problem, it does not matter if CONFIG_SMB_WIN95 is
set or not.

The output from trying to mount it is below. (the last line gives probably
some hint)

atlas02:~% ls -ld mnt
drwxr-xr-x   2 garabik  atlas        1024 Dec 14 11:13 mnt/
atlas02:~% smbmount-2.1.x //center/garabik password -c "mount mnt"
Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
atlas02:~% ls -ld mnt
ls: mnt: No such file or directory
atlas02:~% stat mnt
Can't stat mnt
atlas02:~% cat /proc/mounts
//CENTER/GARABIK /home/garabik/mnt smbfs rw 0 0
atlas02:~% smbumount-2.1.x mnt
Could not open mnt: No such file or directory

atlas02:~% smbclient //center/garabik
Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
tree connect failed: ERRSRV - ERRnosupport (Function not supported.)

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