'close command' patch available

Andy Bakun abakun at reac.com
Fri Mar 26 15:17:37 GMT 1999

I've written a patch to samba 2.0.2/3 that adds a new share parameter to
samba named 'closed command' that is similar in functionality to 'print
command', but works on file shares.  If a share has a 'close command'
specified, then the given command will be run when a client closes a file.
It takes the standard macro substitutions in addition to %s (or %f) to pass

it the filename.

This can be used to create a file share that is a drop off point for files
that need some kind of automated task run on them.
I'm currently using it to rasterize postscript documents generated by
Windows applications.  Other people are using it to do anti-virus checking
and log file uses.  It would rock if this could get integrated into the
main branch, and possibly in the 2.0.x series also.

A readme is available at
and the patch is at

Questions and comments can be directed to me at thwartedefforts at wonky.org.

Andy Bakun.

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