Gtk SMB Client

phil phil at
Tue Mar 23 22:23:49 GMT 1999

I made a samba-tcl extension a while ago based on samba, with it you can do
NMB lookups and most all of SMB (excluding printer stuff). It should make it
a lot easier to do the SMB stuff in your program, so if you're interested - has a link to the source.

BTW -- you don't need to use Tk with Tcl, and it has an easy to use C
library allow programming in C and Tcl.


> 	I've started writing a GTK SMB client for X that will eventually
> work like the Network Neighborhood portion of Window's Explorer. Before I
> get too far into it I thought I should ask you if you knew of any similar 
> projects?
> 	Also, I'm currently building it in Samba's source tree because you
> have already written all the networking code. Thanks! But I need to know
> if I should work to make my program independant of Samba or if you would
> be interested in including my program with Samba once it's ready to be
> released?  Another option is to have Samba (optionally?) build a library
> and install it with appropriate headers.  This should not be too difficult
> to do and may be the best solution.  Building a library is as simple as
> adding another target to
> 	Either way, if you'd like to see a screenshot of what I've
> currently got done, there is one at
> Hope I'm not too off-topic! And thanks again!
> Paul Laufer

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