Gtk SMB Client

Paul PELaufer at
Tue Mar 23 22:17:15 GMT 1999

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, Christopher R. Hertel wrote:

> Sounds like an interesting project, and I know that this kind of thing 
> has been talked about before.
> One question:  What do you do when someone clicks on a service in the 
> browse list?  Do you launch smbclient or mount it with smbfs?  Smbfs is 
> for Linux only, which is why I ask.  You could open a shell with 
> smbclient or smbsh.
> Just curious.
> Chris -)-----

This isn't a frontend for smbclient or smbfs but a standalone program. 
That's why it builds in Samba's source tree.  It currently uses the same
methods as smbclient (client/client.c), which was my inspiration to start
this project :)

Paul Laufer

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