Gtk SMB Client

Paul PELaufer at
Tue Mar 23 06:03:38 GMT 1999

	I've started writing a GTK SMB client for X that will eventually
work like the Network Neighborhood portion of Window's Explorer. Before I
get too far into it I thought I should ask you if you knew of any similar 

	Also, I'm currently building it in Samba's source tree because you
have already written all the networking code. Thanks! But I need to know
if I should work to make my program independant of Samba or if you would
be interested in including my program with Samba once it's ready to be
released?  Another option is to have Samba (optionally?) build a library
and install it with appropriate headers.  This should not be too difficult
to do and may be the best solution.  Building a library is as simple as
adding another target to

	Either way, if you'd like to see a screenshot of what I've
currently got done, there is one at

Hope I'm not too off-topic! And thanks again!
Paul Laufer

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