Windows NT and OS version again

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Sat Mar 20 08:26:55 GMT 1999

Hi folks,

I have just fired up Windows NT Server 4.0 and confirmed that it uses an OS
version of 32.

The reason I asked is that John Blair's book claims that Windows NT 4.0
Server uses an OS version of 33, while NT 3.51 uses an OS version of 32.
See for example Page 42, the table at the bottom. He also claims that
Windows NT WS 4.0 uses 17 while Windows NT WS 3.51 uses 16.

Can anyone cast any light on this. 

I am not trying to stick it to John. I am just concerned about what I wrote
in the book SAMS Teach Yourself Samba in 24 Hours. We conflict in what we
wrote, and I did check traces and have just checked NT 4.0 Server, and am
about to check NT WS 4.0 ... 

Hmmm, NT WS 4.0 sets the Election OS Summary to 16.

Strange ... Has anyone seen the values that John Suggests? Am I on Drugs? 
Where did John get those values?

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