How to make timestamps on samba files set by server time, not

Andy Bakun abakun at
Fri Mar 19 22:18:56 GMT 1999

Yes it would.  But I believe that was okay with whoever was going to do this.
Really, this wasn't intended to fix problems with incorrect timestamps. :)  _I_
am right now using it to convert postscript files to tiffs on demand.

There are other issues with using this, the big one is that the close event
happens multiple times when files are created.  See the readme (in for more information.

Todd Pfaff wrote:

> will this not also change the timestamp on files that are opened for
> reading only and then closed?
> On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, Dan Kaminsky wrote:
> > close command = touch %f
> >
> > Perfect timing!  I hope %f operates correctly here, though...

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