How to make timestamps on samba files set by server time, not PC time.

Andy Bakun abakun at
Thu Mar 18 22:20:59 GMT 1999

> I get it now. And so I agree then. Users who like to embed whitespace
> (or worse!) in filenames should be allowed to and they should not be
> forced to suffer that which they deserve. :>

At least UNIX lets you put anything except a null byte or a / in a filename.
Windows won't let you put a colon in a filename, and sometimes / and \ mean the
same thing, and sometimes they don't.  And when exactly are multiple periods
allowed?  I personally like the file manager and widgets that comes with IRIX:
type a space in a filename and it produces an underscore.  The only time I don't
like spaces in filenames is when I forget to allow for it in shell scripts. bah.


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