How to make timestamps on samba files set by server time, not PC time.

Dan Kaminsky effugas at
Thu Mar 18 18:45:29 GMT 1999

> Dan Kaminsky wrote:
> > close command = touch %f
> >
> > Perfect timing!  I hope %f operates correctly here, though...
> You might need to use close command = touch "%p/%f".  Remember that %f doesn't
> include the full path, just the path anchored from the share's path.
> I suggest the quotes because of the nasty habit windows users have of putting
> spaces in the file names.

[UI Geek Mode Activated]

Spaces in file names are *GOOD* things.

(This is somewhat related to the observation that scrolls went out of
fashion a few thousand years ago--for good reason.)

[UI Geek Mode Deactivated.]

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