nmbd & netbios name -> many addreses

Christopher R. Hertel crh at nts.umn.edu
Thu Mar 18 17:57:07 GMT 1999


Thanks for continuing to dig.  I don't think any of us have had the time 
to put together a system for reproducing this.

So, nmblookup gets the same list from the NT WINS server as it does from 
the Samba NBNS server...

> kudos<00>
> kudos<00>

Which is good...

> I also used tcpdump to sniff traffic on the netbios ns between test-nt and
> the NT WINS server - and when it queried for KUDOS I got the following
> exchange


> The good news from a Samba perspective is that as far as tcpdump can tell,
> the response from the NT WINS server to the NT workstation was identical
> to the Samba WINS server.  The bad news is that the NT Workstation still
> was unhappy with the result and failed to mount the share from kudos with
> error 53.

Urg.  The problem is in NT, then.  I think that this is what Jeremy was 
trying to tell us.

> Since the KB articles kindly referenced by Markus indicate that Netbios names 
> can map to multiple addresses, I am baffled by the NT Workstation behaviour.

Has anyone tried W/9x?

> I have a workround of getting the samba servers NOT to register with WINS and 
> rely on DNS to map the names.

Dangerous.  The two name spaces are *very* different and do not intersect. 
I've worked with this issue for well over a year now and I feel very
uneasy about even suggesting a mapping between the two.

I'd still like to see someone reproduce this in another environment, for 
the reasons that Peter outlined.

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