Roaming Profiles & briefcase on desktop...

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu Mar 18 15:23:44 GMT 1999

mbreuer at Siac.COM wrote:
> I've recently begin using Samba 2.1 Alpha as a PDC.  When I 
> log off the
> domain from a laptop, my desktop (including the "My Briefcase") is
> replicated to the server (which is correct).  When I log back on and
> copy the profile from the server, the briefcase file becomes a folder
> (not a briefcase).  According the the Microsoft kb, you "can't copy a
> briefcase," yet when NT is the server the briefcase properties are
> preserved.  Does anyone have a fix for this, or perhaps some further
> insight?

Seems to be that the briefcase directory is attrib +r.
Just from experiementation.

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