How to make timestamps on samba files set by server time, not PC time.

Dan Kaminsky effugas at
Thu Mar 18 02:03:28 GMT 1999

close command = touch %f

Perfect timing!  I hope %f operates correctly here, though...

> We have a Samba server version 1.9.16p11 (yes, I know it's old) set up
> on Solaris 2.5.1 which is accessed by a number of maverick PC's generally
> running Windows '95 and sometimes NT.
> We'd like to set things up so that when people put files or change
> files on the solaris server the time reported is *not* the time given
> by the PC which can be mucked around with. Instead we'd like the times
> reported as given by our well-maintained server which has the correct
> time. (And even if it doesn't that's the time we want to see.)
> Can this be done? How? If it's possible to run a script after each
> create or modification we could do something like issue a "touch" 
> command after every change. But perhaps there's a better solution.
> Thanks.

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