'close command' parameter patch

Andy Bakun abakun at reac.com
Wed Mar 17 22:20:07 GMT 1999

I've written a patch to samba 2.0.2/3 that adds a new share parameter to
samba named 'closed command' that is similar in functionality to 'print
command', but works on file shares.  If a share has a 'close command'
specified, then the given command will be run when a client closes a file.
It takes the standard macro substitutions in addition to %s (or %f) to pass
it the filename.

This can be used to create a file share that is a drop off point for files
that need some kind of automated task run on them.

A readme is available at
and the patch is at

Questions and comments can be directed to me at thwartedefforts at wonky.org.

Andy Bakun.

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