Printing from NT to UNIX through SAMBA

robert m hazbun rhazbu01 at
Wed Mar 17 14:54:51 GMT 1999


	I work for Florida International University. We are currently using Samba for 
File sharing in our environment. We now want to implement printer sharing and 
accounting using samba as well.  We currently have a srcipt that will record a 
 users username and the number of pages printed from unix. Unfortunately, in 
order to make this transparent for our users we need a way to make NT 4.0 
download the printer driver automatically as if from the NT server.  We tried 
installing the printer on the NT server and then sharing it from there but 
unfortunately, in doing so the username of user is lost and our accounting 
system is disabled.

We are looking for a solution similar to the Windows 95 Printer$ share that is 
documented on the site.  Any info would be helpful.

Robert Hazbun
rhazbu01 at

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