Loosing command line passwords - smbclient

Dave Anderson d.anderson at computer.org
Mon Mar 15 01:16:42 GMT 1999

I am new to this forum, but lets give this a go.

I even volunteer to get into this - coding and design wise if need be.

It seems to me that there is need for a .smbrc file, much like .netrc.  Like
.netrc, it would be similarly formatted to contain user id, password and
options for using smbclient and other Samba services.  This would make it
easy to script (in UNIX) without coding in passwords.  Most users (and
developers) are sloppy in allowing global read access to scripts - so making
it easy to loose passwords from the command line is desirable.

Another nice feature would be if group or other UNIX perms were in a way
that others could view the file, then it would complain in logs and
verbosely to get it corrected.  Many UNIX OS environments will not operate
correctly (e.g. /etc/hosts.equiv) if perms are wrong.

My 2 cents... and I would volunteer to code it but need hints on where to
get started - the coding is the easy part but getting it so it will be
accepted and folded into the distribution is another...

Comments welcome....

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danderson at rkgroup.net (work)
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