nmbd & netbios name -> many addreses

Christopher R. Hertel crh at nts.umn.edu
Thu Mar 11 23:08:52 GMT 1999


> Peter Polkinghorne wrote:
> > The other thing I have not been ale to test is what a multihomed NT box does -
> > we do not have any.
> > 
> I have. That's why Samba nmbd does what it does - it performes
> *exactly* the same way as a multi-homed NT box does.

Huh?  Why would the nmbd perform the same way that the multi-homed NT box 
does?  It's not the nmbd platform that's multi-homed.

> I added the code to nmbd after sniffing the traffic between a
> multi-homed NT box and and NT WINS server. 

Okay, that's between the multi-homed box and the NBNS (WINS in this case). 
The traffic Peter is asking about is between the NBNS server and a client.

                                   This bit
Multi-homed-server <=====> NBNS <=====> Client
                      Not this bit

When the client sends a query to the NBNS regarding a name on the
multi-homed server it gets back a list of IPs, so it fails to resolve the
name.  As a result, the client cannot access services on the multi-homed
host.  This may be Microsoft's bug, but it's a bug none-the-less.  It
prevents users from accessing services. 

So, two questions:
  1) Is Samba's NBNS (in nmbd) replying just like NT WINS to queries when
     the name is from a multi-homed host?
  2) If nmbd is behaving just like NT WINS, is this basically broken and 
     should we offer an option to fix it?

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