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David Collier-Brown davecb at
Thu Mar 11 20:56:04 GMT 1999

Gary Jarrell Admin wrote:
> We are attempting to transfer some large files from a Sun Solaris 2.5.1 box
> with Samba 1.9 (I believe) on it.  The client is a Windows 95 with a Jazz
> drive attached.  When the user attempts to transfer the files, all seems
> well, then the file stops and is not transfered.  Not sure if there are any
> errors or not.  If we need to, I can check with the user.
> We are a publishing company and the files are anywhere from 1mb - 90mb.
> Usually attempting to transfer about 400 of these files to the Jazz drive,

	You **may** be hitting a problem with the transfers taking
	long enough that you exceed a timeout interval.  A person 
	on the general mailing list reported a similar problem, and
	I made a suggestion on diagnosing it, but they never replied...

	To diagnose this
	1) run a transfer with logging turned up to 3
	   (which will make it even slower), and send
	    the list a url or ftp site to get it from.
	2) try setting "read raw = no" without changing

	The latter will force Samba to send small chunks,
	slowing down the transfer, but **possibly** avoiding
	a timeout due to big chunks, big files and slow drives.

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