Large file transfer

Gary Jarrell Admin Gary.Jarrell at
Thu Mar 11 18:55:05 GMT 1999

We are attempting to transfer some large files from a Sun Solaris 2.5.1 box
with Samba 1.9 (I believe) on it.  The client is a Windows 95 with a Jazz
drive attached.  When the user attempts to transfer the files, all seems
well, then the file stops and is not transfered.  Not sure if there are any
errors or not.  If we need to, I can check with the user.

We are a publishing company and the files are anywhere from 1mb - 90mb.
Usually attempting to transfer about 400 of these files to the Jazz drive,
and there is plenty of space on the jazz drive.

Any idea of what is causing the failure?

Thanks in advance.

Gary Jarrell
Network Engineer
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