PDC on external network

Pierre MONDIE pm at univ-evry.fr
Wed Mar 10 15:40:04 GMT 1999

>>> I have connected an NT Server 4.0 on the external network which is a 
>>> PDC.  From an NT workstation on the internal network when I try to 
>>> connect to the NT domain - I get a 'The domain controller for this 
>>> domain cannot be located' message.

>>a failure.  Perhaps the PDC is picking up multiple machines behind the
>>firewall all coming from the same IP (the masqing box), and this is 
>causing a
>>problem somehow...  I don't know.  I don't think it's a simple problem 
>>WINS resolution, since in my experience WINS works through masqing 
>>just fine, but beyond that I have no idea.

MS NBNS extented implémentation (WINS) can map only Unique NetBIOS names to
unique IPadresses as hostnames. This is by design. Fortunately, many
NetBIOS names can be mapped to the same IP address, but this as
consequencies when using masquerading.

Furthermore, A PDC name (in fact a name like : ''MYDOMAIN       <1B>'' is
an unique name : this as consequencies when a PDC has multiple NIC and/or
IP adresses. Check MS knowledge base about this.
Pierre MONDIE : SSR : 74-78

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