possible bug with printing substititions

Andy Bakun abakun at reac.com
Tue Mar 9 22:07:58 GMT 1999

Can someone see if they can reproduce this, or verify my insanity?

I have a print command defined as:

print command = /home/abakun/domyprint 300 "%u" "%s" "%p"

When this gets invoked, %p is replaced with the printer name, but the
command seems to always fail because something, I believe it's in the
substitution code, is removing the trailing double quote, so the command
that gets executed is:

/home/abakun/domyprint 300 "abakun" "/the/path" "printer

which makes the shell exit with 512 (command line parse error?), according
to the debug logs, and domyprint is never executed.  Obviously, I can get
around this by not putting the last argument in quotes.

This is on 2.0.0 at least, and I suspect 2.0.2.  Can someone try the
current CVS code?


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