patch for rpcclient

Todd Sabin tastas at
Mon Mar 8 22:58:29 GMT 1999

Luke wrote:
> On Tue, 9 Mar 1999, Todd Sabin wrote:
> > The problem is that that's more access than a null session is permitted,
> > meaning you can't do the enum stuff over a null session, which is why I
> > patched it.  ;)
> hang about... you're saying that _if_ you set up a null session that you
> _can_ do the enum stuff if you set to 0x0200 0000?

Yes, but I just realized that you were right.  The enumusers worked via
null session.  It was requesting 0x304 access.  The enumaliases and
enumgroups didn't work, but they were requesting 0x200003f3 or something.
If you change those to 0x304 also, I think everything works via null
session.  Sorry, I got confused because I have a box with RestrictAnonymous
set to 1 which makes them all fail either way.

The MAXIMUM_ALLOWED isn't necessary here, although it may be useful in
other circumstances...


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